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The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”

-Nolan Bushnell-

We have always been taking quizzes as a kid to get to know what qualities would match our personality type, be it in different arenas but we’ve all tried it, at least once. As every sock has its matching pair, every personality profile matches an entrepreneur type. Surprising? Let’s find it out for ourselves!

Entrepreneurs are people who not only come up with innovative ideas, to bring in change in the economy of the country but also put them into action by putting in necessary efforts and brains. You may think how  one’s personality type could match a certain kind of entrepreneur profile but here’s how we shall take you through the process, through different sets of scenarios as given below;

  1. Innovative Entrepreneur:

Darcy, has always been the first one to take initiative and come up with creative and ingenious ideas, be it home or at workplace. The other day he thought of an idea – A backpack with the ability to charge any electronic gadget when kept inside of it! This way, one could charge their laptops, phones and other electronic gadgets, anywhere, anytime and on the go… He would always come up with new ideas and would make sure that they are implemented and put into action. With a personality like this, wherein a person likes to engage in new activities and is always eager to learn and create something innovative, could be merged well with the profile of an ‘Innovative Entrepreneur’.

An ‘Innovative entrepreneur’ is someone who comes up with new ideas and makes an effort to turn them into a viable business pattern.

  1. Hustlers:

Arjun, a young entrepreneur, was always someone who would like to explore different horizons and made sure that he achieved whatever goal he set accordingly. He hustled his way a midst the competition ahead of him, as the field in which he was setting his foot in, was becoming a developing one and would be an independent sector of it’s own. He expanded his knowledge in the field of web & app development and didn’t just stop there, instead, further moved on to the aviation industry and now heads a company as well as provides technical consultancies to other firms.

An entrepreneur with a ‘Hustling’ type of trait is someone who focuses on the minute aspects and starts small, with the goals of becoming a big venture. They usually are known as ‘go- getters’ having features to get their work done and who strongly believe in the motto; “Hustle till you make it.”

  1. Imitative Entrepreneurs:

Haven’t we all had a friend or in some situations (ourselves as well!) who would imitate what others are doing and would tweak & turn it and then make it into a work of their own! John is one of them and has always been the one who prefers to take a backseat in all tasks and jumps in, after seeing what the others have done and modify on their work. He has shaped himself as a person who would see how other people have worked on their projects and would further emulate and come out successful. Once, while he was sitting for a brain- storming session with his colleagues, they came up with a unique product design, which he later modified and implanted it into his new venture. This way, he smartly yet subtly got ideas from others and worked on his new project just by making a few changes and infusing his ideas and creativity!

Young entrepreneurs having an ‘Imitative’ kind of profile are usually people who replicate some business ideas and improvise them. These kinds of entrepreneurs are part innovators and part hustlers, who emerge successfully!

  1. Strategist entrepreneurs:

Kiara has always been the one to think ahead and plan things in advance, be it planning a day out with her friends or what to wear on to work the next day! She always has her future plans ready and has chalked out her choices accordingly. She once thought of organizing an event for her firm and she strategically planned the entire event which came out beautifully. When asked as to, what was the reason behind her success, she said – “I strategize everything beforehand as well as visualise the event before my eyes, to work and bring it into reality and keep my options in line, so as to, work out everything smoothly!”

Entrepreneurs who are creative with their ideas and are tactical in their approach are known to be ‘Strategist entrepreneurs’ who are the wizards in the world of business. It is their ideas, strategies and conceptualization that forms the base of a company’s foundation.

  1. Prodigy:

Ever wondered how some specific features are instilled in a businessman? They have these traits which they have imbibed throughout their growing up years and Ayaan is one of them. He’s a smart and hardworking guy who has nurtured in himself the qualities of a businessman who would want to reach the pinnacle of success. Since childhood, he has had the habit of practicing the barter system and saving money rather than spending it on wayward things. Once, instead of waiting for the local transport service and spending money on it, he walked out the distance and saved the amount instead! He was quite sharp and money- minded since the very beginning itself, which helped him climb the ladder of success in the field of business.

Entrepreneurs with a ‘Prodigy’ type of personality are the ones who are emotionally stable and quite focused in whatever they deal with. They have the business acumen ingrained in them which helps them go a long way.

  1. Visionary entrepreneurs:

Siddharth, was the only son of the business tycoon whose company was considered as one of the best, when it comes to the field of videography. His father had set up a certain standard of business but when the time arrived for him to take up his father’s position; he already had a vision wherein he thought of expanding the videography field into different arenas, which would in turn raise the company’s standards a notch higher. He had his goal chalked out since long and his objective was clear, which helped him implement it and thus, climb the ladder of success.

People with such personality types are categorised in the bracket of being ‘Visionary entrepreneurs’. These kinds of people tend to be creative and think practically to come up with operable ideas. They prefer to have a long-term thinking process concerning their objectives and always have a game plan handy.

  1. Fabian entrepreneurs:

Alex has been known as a person who is always laidback and comes to terms with a certain plan or idea only after a lot of thinking and understanding. He tries to overlook a situation and doesn’t agree to accept change due to certain thoughts and ideologies. Once, during a meeting he opposed a particular concept because he was being sceptical about it and wanted to take more time to think regarding it.

People carrying such personality traits can be termed as ‘Fabian entrepreneurs’, who are slow towards change and overthink regarding minute technicalities. They tend to practice the age- old methodology opposing the new technical skills thinking, that it may lead to a loss.

Here we got know about different personality types and how they would match each entrepreneurship profile with a view to help you grow, as well as hone your technical & practical skills in a  comprehensive manner, when it comes to entrepreneurship. It’s interesting when personality types match a particular entrepreneurship quality, herein blending in, one’s inquisitiveness to know more regarding one’s personality and escalate one’s career opportunities!

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